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Sushi, unlike other Japanese cuisine dishes, allows us to taste the neta and shari, its aromas and flavors, one after the other in quick combination.
It enables us to pursue and appreciate the finer aspects and to notice even the smallest of changes.
I truly hope that all sushi lovers have a chance to taste and experience our sushi.


Red vinegar is used in the sushi rice, a historic type of vinegar which has been used since the late Edo period.
The shari is firm and made in a size small enough for even female guests to finish in one bite, allowing guests to comfortably and slowly savor its flavors on the palate and to also feel the Chef's passion for achieving the perfect harmony between the shari and the toppings.


¥ 25,000 Omakase Course
(12 Nigiri-sushi + Appetizer)


8 counter seats

The Feelings Contained in the Name "Kaiko".

The name "Kaiko" means "encounter" or "meeting." The concept of the restaurant is the encounter between people and the delicious sushi created there.
The calligraphy of Kaiko's kanji logo was brushed by Master Ogino Tansetsu who is famous worldwide for drawing the logo of the Japanese whisky "Hibiki" and others masterpieces.

Sushi Kaiko
Regarding Restaurant Location and Reservations

Address Pierce 8 Bldg 2nd Floor, 1-5-8 Sonezakishinchi, Kitaku, Osaka
Closed Sundays and National Holidays
Business hours Monday to Saturday
1st Dinner Service: 18:00
2nd Dinner Service: 20:30
Telephone No. 06-6690-8383
Cuisine ¥ 25,000 Omakase Course (12 Nigiri-sushi + Appetizer)
Seating 8 counter seats